Managed AVG AntiVirus

If you have a small to large network and are installing a Anti-Virus solution then AVG CloudCare needs to be on your list. CloudCare not only includes top quality Anti-Virus protection but also Remote IT, Spam Email protection and Email Archiving

The cost of a managed AVG solution is from as little as £15 per PC for a years license. The more licenses you buy the cheaper it becomes.

The Basic version of AVG Cloudcare will give your PC the best Anti-Virus protection and Firewall protection. AVG also includes Remote support as a free bolt on.

You can also add the Anti-Spam protection add-on for as little as £1 per PC per month. This will filter any Spam from your mail box before it reachs your PC.

Another feature add-on is the Content-Filter which you can add to all PC's or just the PC's that you wish to control web access to. This again costs only £1 per PC each month

Prowebs can also provide a Cloud Backup system for your network so some or all files are sent to the AVG cloud for your saftey. This is vital if you have no backup solution for your company and protects against PC / Server failure and theft of equipment.

If you would like to discuss any of the products please contact us and we would be glad to discuss options for your comapny or home PC.

Prowebsonline Offers

Website hosting from £5 per month
Cloud Backup (1tb) only £10 per month
AVG AntiVirus from £2 per month