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It was only a few years ago that Networks were only setup in big companies with hundreds of users. Now days most people have a network in the form of Wireless or cabled at home. You can network your games consoles, TV's and Audio equipment not to mention your phones, tablets and even CCTV.
Even with these networks there can be problems like dead spots or Wireless conflicts that slow down the connection. Prowebs can look at your home network and help improve the speed and range of you Internet connection around the home or business.


Business networks are getting more complicated then before. They need to deal with PC's, Laptop's, Voice calls (VOIP) and also CCTV cameras. These all take up bandwidth and you dont want any device to suffer in connection speed.

If your company has a network that is running slowly or just needs more connections Prowebs will be happy to quote for installation. If you are looking at installing more PC's or VOIP and would like your network to be balanced correctly please send us an email from our Contact Us page.



Prowebsonline Offers

Website hosting from £5 per month
Cloud Backup (1tb) only £10 per month
AVG AntiVirus from £2 per month