ProwebsOnline PC Support

We have all had that moment when your PC just will not boot up. Its always when you need it most as well.

Prowebs have been in the IT business for over 20 years and have seen most problems with PC hardware. The problem could be a windows issue after an update or a infection of malware/spyware. It could also be a hardware problem like a faulty drive which Prowebs can recover data from or a fault power supply.

A quick call to us can be your life line. We aim to fix most issues in 24/48 hours and then have it returned to you.

We will try and give you a quote over the phone before we collect your PC for the full cost of the fix.

Prowebsonline Offers

Website hosting from £5 per month
Cloud Backup (1tb) only £10 per month
AVG AntiVirus from £2 per month