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Now most people have access to Super Fast Internet there is no need to install the old fashioned PBX phones that run on ISDN lines for your business. These ISDN line's have monthly costs and the calls can become expensive.

Prowebs can install a complete phone system based on Voice over IP (VOIP). You can then use your internet for incoming and outgoing calls. You can even pay a monthly fee to include all landline phone calls.

If you have family abroad you can install a phone at each location and call for free anytime of the day. You can even have a local 01xxx number on the phone which is abroad so you can phone anytime from your mobile to the abroad number for the cost of a local call.
Some mobile packages have free calls included so this would be a free call also.

With the Prowebs VOIP solution you can even have calls to you local 01 number come straight to you mobile phone without your customers even knowing.

If you would like more information about our VOIP phone systems or single phones please use our contact page.








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